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Function of SDA/IBO hollow bar: Reinforcing + Drilling + Injection

Le 17 janvier 2017, 04:13 dans Humeurs 0

Most people have seen a tunnel. It is frequently appeared in modern transportation like highway, railway.

Have you ever worried about the safety of tunnel?

The Korean movie “The Tunnel” may give you a nightmare concerning unreliable quality of civil construction.


(Tunnel was collapsing, and Jeong-woo Ha was buried underground.)

Why it happened?

Construction contractor jerry-built the tunnel. The usage of self-drilling anchor was not up to standard.

The modern method to design and construct a tunnel is NATM (New Austrian tunnelling method, also known as SEM).

Its basic principle is taking advantages of  the inherent geological strength available in the surrounding rock mass to stabilize the tunnel. And SDA (Self-drilling anchor, also known as IBO) plays a key role in NATM system.

Function of SDA/IBO hollow bar: Reinforcing + Drilling + Injection

Reliable self-drilling anchor helps to distribute the rock pressure around the tunnel until stabilized by the final concrete structure.

In case of the mountain rock layers move slightly,  SDA rock bolts with good ductility can absorb and transfer the destructive energy. Sinorock has posted a diagram to describe energy absorbing.

In the movie “The Tunnel”, Jeong-woo Ha was saved after burying 32 days.

But in reality, chance of survival from such disaster is very low.

As a manufacturer of self-drilling anchor, Sinorock hopes all producers supply qualified IBO prodcuts. Don’t ignore ductility performance, don’t let the nightmares come true!


Tunneling in iran use Sinorock self drilling bolts

Le 12 janvier 2017, 09:26 dans Humeurs 0

Tunnelling in Iran is a very challenging and interesting job because of special geological conditions and dimensions of new defined projects. In the past using of conventional method statement (like Drill and Blast) was very usual in Iran but because of many new tunnel projects within last 15 years that they should be finished in time frame of clients utilizing of mechanized systems like Tunnel Boring Machines is being rapidly developed.

In this working environment some specialists have grown and one of the best made a group of the most experienced engineers named Tunnel Design Team.

The engineers working under this umbrella have been involved in different design and construction of tunnel and underground spaces projects individually and also all of them have been working together.

As you will find in the website we have designed different self drilling bolts for tunnels like metro, water, sewerage, cable, etc. with professional and cost-effective solutions, from planning and design to project management and consulting, as well as providing inspections and claim reports.


Sinorock rock anchor is a crucial tool for construction companies

Le 3 décembre 2016, 09:57 dans Humeurs 0

Deep foundation excavation is popular during the development of society and the construction of underground projects pushes the extension of a new field, such as metro, underground markets and parking lots, etc. It plays a quite important role, so it is an urgent task to know the features of deep foundation excavation.

Hydroelectric Projects are most favoured and sought after projects in the Power Sector due to its environment friendly power generation, non receding availability of resources in abundance and supporting nature of peaking capacity. Hydroelectric Projects are predominantly associated with Under Ground Construction Works coupled with Geological surprises.

A rock anchor is a crucial tool for construction companies working with rock, stone and other dense, natural materials. Most commonly used in tunnel building and reinforcement, these long bolts work to increase a structure's stability. With a unique physical appearance and threespecific anchoring types, a rock anchor bolt is one of the most commonly used anchoring techniques around the world.

We are your premier source for commercial grade rock anchor bolts.For more than 10 years,Sinorock  has set the standard for quality, value-added services, and superior customer service.  We invite you to take a virtual tour of our facilities, see our quality control lab, browse our extensive selection of anchor bolts and hardware, meet some of our highly trained personnel, and learn from Sinorock customers why we are their supplier of choice.

While based on complex geological conditions, the security and supporting effect are more important, so the applicaton of anchor bolt system is quite necessary for highway.

Due to special mechanical characteristics (i.e. very high elongation, very high ductility) Self drilling anchor bolts are essentially used in construction applications.

Other geotechnical applications for Self drilling anchor bolts are stabilization of soil masses under load, cavern/tunnel walls, excavations or slopes.

Other advantages are high loads which can be carried with small borehole diameters and high shear bonding between deformed bar and cement grout.

So choose Sinorock rock anchor bolts for highway building,your choice,our guarantee.

The Sinorock rock bolt systems can be used to stabilize slopes, support rocks at shallow or steep depths, prevent cave-ins, and offer tunnel support. With quick, efficient installation, it combines drilling, placing, and grouting all in one operation.

Sinorock provides a competitive edge to our customers by offering superior technical support and always keeping a substantial inventory of products ready for shipment. We provide value engineering, competitive pricing, and short lead times to ensure your next bid is a success.




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