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Self drilling rock anchor has the advantages for advanced support

Le 16 août 2016, 12:38 dans Humeurs 0

Self drilling rock anchor has the following advantages for advanced support:
(1) Self drilling rock anchor and drill rod can be merged into one, with a small diameter drill bit and without eccentric block. It’s easy to drill;
(2) Drilling the hole directly, no need to be pulled out and no collapse and blockage phenomenon;
(3) The anchor bar is hollow, which can be effectively grouting and bear large load, ensuring the grouting diffusion radius and the anchoring effect of surrounding rocks;
(4) The pipe-shed is short and easy to install, easy to operate, and can work at multi-points simultaneously.

Sinorock use its rock anchor system for solving these problems which occurs in
construction.At Sinorock, we believe the result is innovative technology and solution-oriented products like our self drilling rock bolt system, soil nail and micropile systems and our environmentally conscious deep foundation system for wind turbine towers and transmission line towers.A
rock bolt product with eye catching packaging, strong brand support, national advertising campaigns, and internet marketing is much more likely to be noticed and purchased by a consumer. This is why Sinorock has a team of graphic and web designers, marketing managers and a creative director, to stay on the brink of what’s modern, popular and connects with today’s consumer.

Urban deep foundation excavations need Sinorock rock anchor system

Le 29 juillet 2016, 11:59 dans Humeurs 0

Urban deep foundation excavations are generally surrounded with dense buildings. So their working space is very narrow, especially when they are close to the foundations of adjacent buildings or structures in construction. Many scholars, engineers and technicians have already worked a lot in the displacement-controlling design of deep foundation excavations recent years, however, difficulty remains to be solved in correlation among the retaining structures, soil deformation around the excavations and the displacements of adjacent structures.

Self drilling rock anchor system is a flexible shoring system and is constructed from top to the bottom in steps parallel to excavation.

With the rapidly development of civil construction,especially in mining,foundation support,hydroelectric project,tunneling,transportation and other sort of industries. The technology of self drilling rock bolt that has been regularly applied in excavation or backfill with the widely carried out of geological engineerings and infrastructures. Self drilling rock bolt has been used in temporary applications for earth retaining structures in the world for more than 10 years, providing an alternative to solid bar soil nails when the solid bar installation would require casing of the hole. The use of self drilling rock bolt reduces the steps needed for installation, which can accelerate construction and increase work zone safety. When using self drilling rock bolt,the existing ground is reinforced and strengthened by installing closely-spaced steel bars, known as “nails,” into a slope or excavation as construction of a retaining wall proceeds from the top down. This creates a reinforced section that is stable and able to retain the ground behind it. Today,Sinorock is a world leader in this field with an outstanding reputation of self drilling rock bolt product quality and customer service. We emphasize on quality products that cater for today’s competitive and demanding business environment. Coupled with advanced manufacturing technology and stringent quality control, we strive to ensure our products achieve high level of standards. In summary our strategic supply capability combined with our dedication to customer service leadership is the basis of “our value” to the customer.

Sinorock rock anchors provide a fast and effective means of securing construction

Le 20 juin 2016, 12:09 dans Humeurs 0

The 21st century is the century of Tunneling and Underground Engineering.More and more countries are investing in tunneling, infrastructure construction, hydroelectric projects, High-speed rail construction, etc.Anchoring industry must have a bright future!

With the popularization of bolting and shotcrete support technology in tunneling system, the use of self drilling rock anchors is increasing. 

Sinorock's rock anchor can better solve the problem of all kinds of complex terrain.

Sinorock rock anchors provide a fast and effective means of securing rock netting to steep slopes as well as cliff and rock faces. The rock anchors can be simultaneously drilled, installed and grouted to create a secure bond in most ground conditions.

The reinforcement of expansive soil cutting slope has been a difficulty for the construction industry. And Sinorock carries a wide range of self drilling rock anchors to fit a variety of construction projects. You can choose among various lengths, load ratings and materials to find the perfect self drilling bars to safely complete your project.

Sinorock - as the largest supplier of rock anchor products in the world,it is becoming more and more popular with it's excellent products and professional online services.With so many years of exploration and development of the rock anchor products,Sinorock is gaining more and more appraise and appreciation from our clients all over the world.


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