The Sinorock Rock Anchor System is a fully threaded steel bar which can be drilled and grouted into loose or collapsing soils without a casing. The bar features a hollow bore for simultaneous drilling and grouting and a left hand rope thread for connection to standard drill tooling. Manufactured from heavy wall steel tubing, Sinorock Rock Anchor is cold rolled to form a standard rope thread profile (R25-R51). The rolling process refines the grain structure of the steel, increasing the yield strength and producing a durable drill rod suitable for a range of applications. The standard rope thread of Sinorock Rock Anchor produces an excellent bond between the bar and grout as well as enabling connection to all conventional drill rigs and the use with a wide range of drill steel accessories and bits.

Sinorock Rock Anchor can be installed into a variety of different soils and ground conditions ranging from sand and gravel to inconsistent fill, boulders, rubble and weathered rock, as well as through footings and base slabs. Applications include: soil nails for road widening and railway embankments, ground anchors for temporary works and sheet pile tie back, mini piles for stabilisation of footings and underpinning, and roof bolts or spiles for tunnelling.

The construction technology of self drilling rock bolt

1. Arranging position of holes

Arrange holes on the surface of the initial shotcrete according to the requirements of design drawings.


2. Drilling hole and installing self drilling rock bolt

After excavation and initial shotcrete, the drilling should be started with the artificial hand-held pneumatic drill as soon as possible in the simple bench. When the drilling is finished, the self drilling rock bolt should be installed in time. In the plugging process, the anchor bar should be kept in the center of the hole. The length of the self drilling rock bolt exposed should not be greater than the thickness of the shotcrete. Then spray the concrete again to thickness designed on the drawings. In the watery region, the water in the hole should be cleaned or drilling should be operated in the near site. Finally, install the self drilling rock bolt.

3. Grouting

The injection pump was adopted for grouting. The grouting pressure is 1.0Mpa~1.5Mpa. When grouting quantity in the single pipe reaches to the requirements of drawings, the grouting should be over.