Self drilling rock anchor has the following advantages for advanced support:
(1) Self drilling rock anchor and drill rod can be merged into one, with a small diameter drill bit and without eccentric block. It’s easy to drill;
(2) Drilling the hole directly, no need to be pulled out and no collapse and blockage phenomenon;
(3) The anchor bar is hollow, which can be effectively grouting and bear large load, ensuring the grouting diffusion radius and the anchoring effect of surrounding rocks;
(4) The pipe-shed is short and easy to install, easy to operate, and can work at multi-points simultaneously.

Sinorock use its rock anchor system for solving these problems which occurs in
construction.At Sinorock, we believe the result is innovative technology and solution-oriented products like our self drilling rock bolt system, soil nail and micropile systems and our environmentally conscious deep foundation system for wind turbine towers and transmission line towers.A
rock bolt product with eye catching packaging, strong brand support, national advertising campaigns, and internet marketing is much more likely to be noticed and purchased by a consumer. This is why Sinorock has a team of graphic and web designers, marketing managers and a creative director, to stay on the brink of what’s modern, popular and connects with today’s consumer.