The self drilling rock anchor system is comprised of a hollow threaded bar with an attached drill bit that can perform drilling, anchoring and grouting in a single operation. The hollow bar allows air and water to freely pass through the bar during drilling to remove debris and then allow grout to be injected immediately after drilling is completed. Grout fills the hollow bar and completely covers the entire bolt. Couplers can be used to join hollow bars and extend the bolt length while nuts and plates are used to provide the required tension.

Sinorock offers self drilling rock anchors in variants of R25, R32, R38, R51 , T76 and T130 and their accessories including the Anchor Nut, Anchor Plate, Anchor Coupler and Drilling bits depending on the geological condition of the project site (Type EX, EXX, ES, ESS, EY,EYY)

Self-drilling rock bolts have a wide range of application fields including reinforcement of poor rock/soil conditions in tunnels, stabilization of tunnel faces, tunnel root piling and tunnel entrances.

Other applications where self-drilling rock bolts are used include tunnel portals, tunnel trenches, cut and cover areas, reinforcement/stabilization of excavation paths, dams and slopes, as well as reinforcement of retaining walls and noise barriers.

The rock bolt, which may also be used as an avalanche protection barrier in addition to its usage in foundation piles and support piles, offers comprehensive solutions to users.