Deep foundation excavation is popular during the development of society and the construction of underground projects pushes the extension of a new field, such as metro, underground markets and parking lots, etc. It plays a quite important role, so it is an urgent task to know the features of deep foundation excavation.

Hydroelectric Projects are most favoured and sought after projects in the Power Sector due to its environment friendly power generation, non receding availability of resources in abundance and supporting nature of peaking capacity. Hydroelectric Projects are predominantly associated with Under Ground Construction Works coupled with Geological surprises.

A rock anchor is a crucial tool for construction companies working with rock, stone and other dense, natural materials. Most commonly used in tunnel building and reinforcement, these long bolts work to increase a structure's stability. With a unique physical appearance and threespecific anchoring types, a rock anchor bolt is one of the most commonly used anchoring techniques around the world.

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While based on complex geological conditions, the security and supporting effect are more important, so the applicaton of anchor bolt system is quite necessary for highway.

Due to special mechanical characteristics (i.e. very high elongation, very high ductility) Self drilling anchor bolts are essentially used in construction applications.

Other geotechnical applications for Self drilling anchor bolts are stabilization of soil masses under load, cavern/tunnel walls, excavations or slopes.

Other advantages are high loads which can be carried with small borehole diameters and high shear bonding between deformed bar and cement grout.

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The Sinorock rock bolt systems can be used to stabilize slopes, support rocks at shallow or steep depths, prevent cave-ins, and offer tunnel support. With quick, efficient installation, it combines drilling, placing, and grouting all in one operation.

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