Sinorock Self drilling rock anchor is a fully threaded hollow bar that initially serves as a drill rod, utilizing a lost bit.It is used 

in unconsolidated ground or other difficult ground conditions.It is excellent for spiling (fore-poling).It is typically installed using rotary percussive drilling. This technique enables high rates of installation, good directional stability and also helps to consolidate the grout within the borehole. Sinorock has been a pioneer in the use of self drilling rock anchor to reinforce existing ground. 

Today,our rock anchoring products are also favored and appointed to be used in most of world largest structures around the world.Sinorock– We also offer our clients efficient and reliable production processes.

Rock anchoring system is a flexible shoring system and is constructed from top to the bottom in steps parallel to excavation.The main elements of the system are self drilling anchor bolt, reinforced shotcrete surface cover and subhorizontal drains.The length and spacing of the self drilling anchors are variable depending on the depth of the excavation, environmental loads and soil conditions, etc.